since 1978

An ISO 9001:2008



Our Quality Assurance Program is implemented in different phases :

  1. Pattern & core box checks.
  2. We have the facility to check Sand analysis.
  3. Checks of cores before placing in the mould.
  4. Before pouring the metal we are checking the material 100% with the help of   SPECTRO METAER (SPCTRO MAX, Made in Germany).
  5. We have the facility of to check the Microstructure with the help of ASTM’s standard software.
  6. Carbon – Silicon analyzer used to check the % of Carbon, Silicon, Tensile Strength and BHN from the molten Metal before pouring. (on line)
  7. Full fledge In-house testing facilities for chemical and sand.
  8. Final inspection of finish product using TRIMOS (Swiss Make)
  9. We have the facility to check the tempreture with the help of portable pyrometer.

Independent operator makes all the checks.

The good quality of our product is also guaranteed by the use of good quality raw materials supported by relevant certificates. Furthermore, machining is offered as yet another measure to reduce risk of poor quality of castings.  Protection of the improvement is high in our company’s priorities. Our arms go further than just improving the working conditions for our employees

Weight Analysis Lab
Spectro Lab
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